Site changes due to Google Maps API pricing update.

Due to a recent change to terms and conditions with the Google Maps API we are forced to temporarily discontinue many of the features that Distantias users have came to enjoy.

We are working hard to find useful affordable alternatives but we will likely have to charge for some features going forward.

Our costs are projected to rise 100 fold come June 11th and we simply can’t sustain or afford such increases.

We were given less than 40 days notice of these changes and just won’t have the time to implement many of the features that we’d like to use from other providers like TomTom, Here and Mapbox to name but three.

We will be discontinuing traffic displays, avoidance of toll routes, cycling routes and public transport routing options. We will also be updating the way in which users search so that we don’t use the Google autocomplete feature.

Bear with us as we find better solutions and continue to be a point of call in your travel planning adventures! We hope to have your continued support going forward.


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