Save Dennis Stickman aka Felix Baumgartner Ballooonist Parachutist Emulater Loon

We are pleased to announce a new member of the team and his name is  Dennis Stickman the downside to this is that he likes to hang on to Balloons and jump out on occassions by parachute.

If any desktop or iPad landscape users see him on our site do try and save him before he goes off into the trophosphere, as it’s too cold up there for him, just pop the balloon with your mouse or something.

We think he might be a tad suicidal but he swears he is not. He tells us he wants to beat that Felix Bumgardener chap. We are not convinced and implore you to stop him before he does himself a mischief.

He’s quite sly mind and can be found all over the world trying to get away with it. We last spotted him in Paris¬†on a trip back home to London, but he can turn up anywhere.

Thanks for your help!




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