Prague’s Old Churches by Rail


We started on our journey in Bucharest in Romania and then travelled by rail to Budapest in Hungary. Today we are on the final leg of our journey and heading for Prague in the Czech Republic. Known as the Golden City or the City of 1000 Spires, Prague is the political, cultural and economic centre of central Europe.

Prague is listed as a global city with many different sites under the protection of UNESCO which are classed as world heritage sites. The City is home to over 1.3 million people and was ranked as one of the three best cities in Eastern Europe by the Economist.


Travelling to Prague

There are several railway stations in Prague, but the main train station here is actually the Hlavni Nadr station. You can call them on 00420 221 111 122 for more information about rail journeys to and from Prague.

From Budapest to Prague via rail will take you around 7:14 hrs to the Holesovice station or 6:54hrs to the Hlavni Nadr station. Prices start from around £73, or you could just buy yourself an InterRail Pass which will allow you to make unlimited stops anywhere in Europe for 22 days.


Staying In Prague

The best time of year to stay in Prague is between May and September, with temperatures ranging from around 19°C to a very happy 23°C in the summer. Be sure to take a sunblock with you of around SPF30 and warmer clothing for use in the evening, when it tends to get a bit chilly.

Hotels in Prague are many and near the train station the best ones include the City Central De Lux – a good budget hotel with great facilities and costing from £33 a night for a single room. The City Club Prague is another good budget choice with rooms starting from just £31 a night.


Things to do In Prague


The Old Town Square is in the center of the Old Town with lots of attractions. On one side of the square is a Gothic Church famed for its golden spires, while at the other side is the more modern Classical Church. Here you will also see the famous Astronomical Clock. There are lots of good cafes, bars, and restaurants here including traditional Czech food and beer.

The Rudolfinum is the base of the Prague National Orchestra in the Prague Music Hall. This is a gorgeous classical building, with stunningly preserved architecture and superb acoustics. Performances here are frequent and you can ask at the local tourist office located in the train station about recitals.




Prague was founded in an old fortress called Vyshehrad. Within the fortress you can find a number of old buildings and shops, as well as the final resting places of Prague’s most famous citizens. There is a beautiful church next to the cemetery and in true Czech style, with colourful doors.

Wenceslas Square is the City’s  largest square. A hip shopping place with lots of stores and eating places, it’s a great place to get your retail fix. The Museum of Natural History is above the square and timelines events in which Communist troops were killed after mistaking it for the Parliament building.

Castle Hill houses the beautiful Prague Castle. The castle has two Titans framing the entrance which lead to St. George’s Basilica and the Cathedral within its walls. You can take a tour of the castle and check out the well preserved rooms it contains. The castle is surrounded by gorgeous gardens that are perfect for taking a stroll in.

The Charles bridge is a gothic bridge which spans the Vltava river and is flanked by a series of giant stone statues that depict famous icons. Here you will find artists and musicians playing during the day, while the evening is a quiet chance to take everything in.

For lovers of all things modern, the Dancing Building is a tribute to modern architecture and was modelled after the dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair. Located next to the Vltava river, this masterpiece is a a beautiful mix of glass and steel that seems to have a life of its own.


No one can visit Prague without a trip to the City’s main Cathedral.  Located in Prague Castle, the cathedral is reminiscent of traditional gothic architecture. The stained glass windows are awe-inspiring and part of what makes this such a beautiful place to visit.

Food in the Czech Republic consists of strong meat dishes such as pork and game, although fish is a rarity.  The Czechs are known for their fine pastries and cakes. Cheese is also a big part of the Czech diet, as is traditional Czech beer.

That brings us to the end of our journey into Prague. With so many exciting places to visit and very well-kept sights, it’s no wonder that Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.


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