Motorbike trip from Ballinakill to Kilkenny via Castlecomer Ballyouskill and BallyRagget

So, yesterday I took a trip from a place near Ballinakill ( a place in-between AbbeyLeix and Durrow ). There’s this view from my friends house and in the distance there are hills ( people in Ireland call them mountains but that’s another story) so, I set out to go via them and see what the view was like.

I’ve made a rig on the bike for the iPhone which enables me to use it as a sat nav device using the Google Map app. The good thing about the app is it’s fairly accurate and gives multiple options and even has a voice option if you want to use it.

So, with my target destination being indicated via back roads as 33km away I set off.

For the first leg I aimed for Castlecomer as this route took me up the roads I needed to get to the top of the mountain and was around 12km with the remainder filling up the rest. My route was pretty uneventful and I passed mums out for walks with their kids, farmers on tractors and cows in fields (exciting huh!?)

The slider below shows the pictures from the route but I didn’t get any shots of Kilkenny as I omitted to turn the camera back on prior to arriving after a small stop (bah!!)

[metaslider id=115]

In any case, it was a decent trip and the roads were good and the bike performed like a champion. The trip took around 35 – 40 minutes – Kilkenny was busy with cars and people and the high street was seemingly buzzing. The castle there is huge and is a site to behold looking out over the river.

I’d been to Kilkenny before; it has a wealth of  shops and cultural delights for interested parties as well as a decent number of pubs and nice places to eat in. Well worth a visit.

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