Hertfordshire to Dublin by Road or Air?

I’ve recently visited Ireland twice now.

The first journey was by car and ferry.

I left at around 630am aiming to get to Holyhead for around 11am. My ferry was leaving at around 1pm but it’s always good to leave a little extra time as it’s a pain if you hit a traffic jam or have a breakdown as your stress levels quickly rise! In any case I had an eventless journey in the comfort of my modern air con car (BMW 630i) and I arrived at around 1045am.

I elected not to stop as I had a trusty flask of coffee and a nice few bags of cheese and onion crisps and a radio to keep my company.

I was booked on to the ‘Swift’ which is a fast catamaran type ferry that gets you to Dublin port in around 1 hour 50 minutes. The crossing was smooth and relaxed and I was soon in Dublin port ready for my journey onwards to Limerick via Abbeyliex.

I arrived in Abbeyliex from Hitchin at around 3pm a round trip of around 8.5 hours. The distantias calculation wasn’t too far off either!

Calculated The Driving Distance from Hitchin, United Kingdom to Abbeyleix, Ireland 637 km

The Estimated Driving Time from Hitchin, United Kingdom to Abbeyleix, Ireland is 7 hours 58 mins

When I last went, it was by plane. I got a lift to Luton airport for a flight that was due to leave at around 3pm. We left my house in Herts at around 1pm aiming to get to the airport for around 130pm to check in.

Check in was fairly straight forward and I was flying RyanAir. The flight time was 50 minutes and I arrived in Dublin at around 4pm or so. I had to hang around for about half hour as my friend couldn’t get to the airport before 5pm.

We arrived in Abbey liex at around 6pm a total travel time of around 5 hours.

The costs for each were as follows.

I left it late (always do) for the ferry booking so it cost £170 to get to Dublin with petrol costs this went up to around £270 plus the mileage to my car and wear and tear costs.



My plane trip costs including rip off luggage charges and extra leg room seats was £110.

All in all it was both quicker, easier and less expensive to fly. I was of course a single traveller and if I had passengers for the ferry and had I booked well in advance then the costs overall would be much reduced.

I’m planning on going again soon and am toying with the idea of riding my Motorcycle over there.



It’ll be slower and more expensive than flying but then, half of the fun IS in the travelling, especially through new locations. North Wales was stunning and really enjoyed driving up the coast to Holyhead in my car. I might even take the Fishguard route next time just to spice it up and vary it a little. The downside is that the ferry from there takes a whole lot longer.

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