Copenhagen’s Beautiful Lakes and Gardens by Rail

Copenhagen from Stockholm by Train


Last week, we were in Stockholm. This week, we are heading towards Copenhagen in Denmark. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is the major regional center for science, media, culture and business.

Information technology and life sciences as well as research and development are at the forefront of the city’s interests which regularly plays host to International conventions and conferences. In terms of the City itself, it is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world and in a recent poll, was voted as offering its inhabitants the best quality of life.

Travelling From Stockholm to Copenhagen

Total travel time between Stockholm to Copenhagen is around 5hrs and 20 minutes by rail. There are trains departing every hour on a weekday from 5:20am to 6:25pm and every two hours on a Saturday. Your best bet is to book a Swedish X2000 or a high speed train and is the only train that travels between these two destinations.

If you are booking your rail tickets, you have a number of options. You can choose to go direct which will cost you from £110.50 one way or you can stop in Lundt (which is considerably cheaper and costs from £75), or you can stop in GOETEBORG central or MALMO central.

If you are planning to see and do more, it’s highly recommended that you choose an InterRail Pass which allows you unlimited travel for 22 days anywhere in Europe and is ideal for serial travellers.

Incidentally, if you want to enjoy Copenhagen at its best, the best times to travel are between May and September, with temperatures during the summer months between 15°C and 21°C. Make sure you pack warm clothing and take an umbrella with you too.

Where to Stay in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has plenty of hotels to stay in – many ideally located near the train station. The Copenhagen Star hotel starts from £74 a night, while the Hotel Ansgar is available from just £59 a night and much more reasonable than other hotels in the vicinity.

It’s always advisable to book well in advance to ensure you get the best rate and that you aren’t stuck for places to stay, since hotels in Copenhagen tend to book up very quickly.

Things to See and do in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a beautiful and well kept city. This is reflected in its exceptionally clean streets and greenery present. A trip to Tivoli Gardens would be the place to visit here, and opens every year from April onwards.

These pleasure gardens are perfect for those who love good old fashioned rides and rollercoasters, as well as having lots of other things to see and do. Be warned though, rides here are very expensive. You have to pay a separate entrance fee, but considering the gardens and the restaurants are some of the most exclusive in the city, it is certainly worth it.

Tivoli also contains a concert hall for regular performances and there are daily Pierrot pantomime shows. Firework displays are held several times throughout the year and details are posted up on the website for dates and times.  It is certainly a great day out for the whole family.

The Museum of Copenhagen offers visitors an insight into the local history of the area. The museum houses a huge open air model of the city and kids will love to roam around it, as well as the various ‘back through time’ displays that the museum has – these are huge life-size walk throughs that  add to the appeal of this museum.

The Glyptoteket is a huge art gallery with stunning architecture and a beautiful winter garden at its heart. The Glyptoteket houses some of the most exclusive collections of ancient art in Northern Europe. There is also a large collection of Impressionist paintings here too.


Copenhagen has some very stunning Lakes in its locality and are an important recreational feature of the city itself. The lakes have surrounding trails and paths for walkers and those who love to take their dogs out. Despite the fact that the lakes are manmade, they are teeming with wildlife. The lakes are a popular tourist destination and loved by the restaurant owners who have lakeside tables for tourists to enjoy the views.

If you love architecture, you will love the City Hall of Copenhagen. The building is like a towering monument and has a statue of Hans Christian Anderson (the famous storyteller) and Jens Olsen’s world clock which is accurate to within half a second every 300 years.

Copenhagen has 13 Michelin starred restaurants – more than any other Scandinavian City. Copenhagen is well known for its upmarket Danish fare and there are plenty of fine diners as well as local specialities that are worth trying. Open sandwiches are big news here, as are Danish pastries. The Danes are also known for their beer – and there are copious amounts of it here and throughout the rest of the City in good public houses.

Copenhagen is certainly not cheap, but it offers much to see and do and plenty to keep you wanting to stay a few days and experience it further.

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