Budapest struggles with freedom of speech, not freedom of architectural beauty

Budpest may be struggling with its law on media coverage with the government now demanding ‘fair and even coverage’ from all media outlets rather than promoting freedom of speech, but that doesn’t stop the city being one of Europe’s travel hotspot destinations.

Budapest is a firm favourite with travellers and well noted for its sophisticated culture and beauty. It is first and foremost a gorgeous city in itself with the title ‘Queen of the Danube’, since the city has the magnificent Danube river running through it.

Budapest is said to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities with grand architecture of old buildings nothing short of breathtaking. But, the way that the city is built lends itself to the culture and love the people have of all things artsy and operatic. You have streets of boulevards lined with trees, stunning parks to visit and bridges being part of the city vision.

Budapest also has quaint little features like cobbled streets, coloured houses and medieval architecture. One of Budapest’s most famous bridge is known as the Chain bridge and is certainly worth seeing as it runs spectacularly across the Danube. Littered with lights, it’s worth visiting at night when it lights up the river.

The old Parliament buildings are just as famous here in Hungary as they are in London. With a colossal 691 rooms and 12.5 miles of hallway, it was famously modelled on Westminster and is a coveted part of Budapest’s skyline.

The National Museum has some pretty visual pieces and lots of wartime communist propaganda to feast your eyes on, but unfortunately, the museum doesn’t have much for English speaking visitors, so it’s wise to brush up on your Hungarian if you want to understand what’s being said.

As Heather on her Travels found out, the city has plenty of reminders about its communist past and this can be found in virtually everything, including a trip to Memento park. All the communist leaders can be found hiding in the park (typical, rather than being found somewhere important, they are all having fun in the park!) including Stalin. Well, technically, only Stalin’s boots remain as he was so hated that when communism collapsed, his statue was pulled down leaving just the boots behind!

Hungary is as famed for its baths and spas as it is for its architecture. Margaret Island is known for its baths and Palatinus strand is one of the largest here. Based outside, you can find fountains, waterfalls, wave machines and slides, making it a fantastic family outing that will certainly be a hit with the kids.

Matyas church is well worth a visit too. Built in Gothic style, its quite a vision and one of the iconic images associated with Budapest. The church also houses the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art in one the galleries upstairs, and features religious artwork.

Every year in August, Budapest hosts the arts and crafts festival where you can buy some fantastic handmade items and sample the food. It’s great to buy gifts from and is well received by both locals and tourists when it arrives.

Budapest is a highly romantic city and perfect for honeymooners and those wanting a romantic getaway. Romance aside; it’s hard not to fall in love with a city that’s so stunning that you really want to come back again and again.

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