Where Are The Best Places To Stay in London?

Finding Good Hotels and Places to Stay in London London Tourist Guide > Hotels and Places to Stay London is full of various types of hotels and bed and breakfasts with accommodation to suit all budgets and taste. Staying in central London can work out pricey, so your best bet (if you can manage) is […]

London Travelling And Getting Around – Different Types of Transport

Travelling In and Around London London Tourist Guide > London Transport Travelling in and around London depends on many things, such as your budget and where you want to go. By far the easiest way to travel around London is by using the bus services and the underground (also known as the Tube) railway system.

Prague’s Old Churches by Rail

We started on our journey in Bucharest in Romania and then travelled by rail to Budapest in Hungary. Today we are on the final leg of our journey and heading for Prague in the Czech Republic. Known as the Golden City or the City of 1000 Spires, Prague is the political, cultural and economic centre […]

Stunning Budapest by Rail

Yesterday, we were in Bucharest enjoying the parks and the palaces. Today we are heading to Budapest and will end our journey in Prague. Budapest is the capital of Hungary with the river Danube running right through it. Known for its outstanding beauty, Budapest claims to have one of the most spectacular panoramic views in […]

Parks and Palaces of Bucharest by Rail

This week, we’re going to kick off our journey in the Romanian city of Bucharest, and we’re heading off to Budapest in Hungary. Bucharest is the capital city of Romania as well as being the financial, cultural and industrial center of Romania. Bucharest is seen as the Industrial and transportation hub of Eastern Europe.

Wine and Buildings in Bordeaux by Rail

Bordeaux from Paris by Rail We started out on a new journey and began in Brussels before moving onto Paris. Today we are on the final leg of our journey to Bordeaux in France. Bordeaux is the wine capital of the world and home to the world’s best wine fair – Vinexpo. Bordeaux is based […]

See the Other Parisian Delights by Rail

Yesterday we were in Brussels sampling their world famous chocolate. Today we head out for Paris to sample the delights of this chic modern city. We have actually visited Paris before, but this time we are concentrating on the area in and around the main railway station.

Sample Brussels for its Mussels and Chocolate…by Rail!

Today, we are starting a new journey – from Brussels in Belgium to Paris. Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and world renowned for being the centre of International politics as well as being the home to the headquarters of NATO and the European Union. Brussels has two main languages – Dutch and French, […]

Enjoy Hamburg’s Harbour and Seafood by Rail…

Visiting Hamburg Via Train Yesterday we were in Copenhagen in Denmark. Today, we are moving towards Hamburg in Germany. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and has a population of around 1.8 million. Also given the name of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Hamburg is so called because it is seen as […]

Copenhagen’s Beautiful Lakes and Gardens by Rail

Copenhagen from Stockholm by Train Last week, we were in Stockholm. This week, we are heading towards Copenhagen in Denmark. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is the major regional center for science, media, culture and business.

Stockholm Gives You Clean Living Chic By Rail…

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is the largest city here. It is also the mainstay of the Swedish parliament as well as the Monarch and the Prime Minister. Stockholm is known throughout Europe as one of the most significant cities in terms of economics, politics, culture and media.

Our Final Destination – Venice!

Frankfurt to Basel to Venice After a fun packed journey which started out in Frankfurt and then passed through Basel and also Arth Goldau in Switzerland, we’ve finally made it to Venice in the final leg of our journey. Venice is a superb City buried in the history and culture of Italy. A warm, romantic city which conjures up […]

Part 3 – Trip Basil to Arth Goldau

We are well on our way towards Venice now, starting out at Frankfurt and stopping in Basel in Switzerland. This is the second leg of our journey where we stop at Arth Goldau in Swizerland before finally departing in Venice. Arth Goldau is located between two lakes – Zug and Laurez. Considered a major rail route, […]

Part 2 – Rail Trip to Venice Stops in Basel…

Continuing our rail journey from Frankfurt to Venice, we take a stop in Basel, Switzerland. Basel lies on the border between France, Germany and Switzerland and is Switzerland’s third largest city. Located near the river Rhine, Basel is the epicentre of industrial activity in Switzerland, most notably for the Pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Part 1 – Frankfurt to Venice by Rail

Leg 1 Frankfurt to Basel If you love backpacking, then travelling by rail is bar the easiest way to see and experience Europe. Today, we’re starting in the German city of Frankfurt and travelling to Venice in Italy. With a travel time of 11 hours by rail, it’s certainly no short journey, but there are […]

Visit The Stunning Palaces of Andalusia Spain

Andalusia – Rivers, Mountains, Lakes and More Andalusia is one of Spain’s top travel destinations and very different to the Costas and the Balearics, both in its culture and its richness. Andalusia is part of Southern Spain and consists of mountainous regions as well as a rugged landscape, greenery and rivers, lakes and plenty of […]

The Major Island of Mallorca Has It All…

Visit Majorca and Have a Fabulous Time Mallorca (aka Majorca)  is the largest of the Balearic Islands and a very popular tourist destination. Like the other islands, Mallorca enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year, making it the perfect getaway for anyone who loves the best of Spain and the Mediterranean.

Ibiza – The White Island Bares All…

Think Ibiza, and instantly you think huge parties until all hours of the morning, but Ibiza is more than just a haven for party animals and music lovers. It’s one of the most beautiful Islands of the Balearics and is known to the Spanish locals as ‘La Isla Blanca’ or ‘The White Island’ – so […]

Visit Menorca – The Jewel of The Balearics

Also known as the ‘Jewel of the Balearics’, Menorca is one of Spain’s best kept Islands and is part of a small colony of Islands off the coast of Spain known as the Balearics. Renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and tranquil beaches, Menorca is a little piece of heaven in the Mediterranean, and a warm, […]

Swiss ‘Sight’-seeing at it’s Best – Get an Eyeful of What Zurich Has to Offer…

While not everyone will appreciate the thought of having something injected into their eyes, seeing really is believing in Switzerland’s capital Zurich, where a team of scientists from the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) have developed a new micro-robot capable of being injected into diseased eyes to deliver targeted drug release to the […]