Hi I’m Rob and I’m the creator of Distantias a travel planning and community tool.

What does Distantias even mean? Is it a word? Where does it come from?

Well, I was looking for a one word name that was different and not in everyday use that had a  relationship to the word “Distance” without being too generic or distant from the meaning. Quite a tall order.

Distantias seemed like a good fit  and it derives from the latin “Distantia” and is a plural of the noun.

Distantia has two meanings:

  1. distance, remoteness
  2. difference, diversity

I like the fact that its very meanings encompass what the domain is intended to be all about as it covers; closing the distance between remote locations whilst celebrating our differences and diversities across borders.

The more that people get involved, the better the project will be. It’s ok without, but is more fun and useful with.

Travel and planning should be fun and I’d hope that as this thing grows, it’ll help add to that outcome.

You can read about some of the reasoning behind  this project here if you’d like to.

Please tell your friends and  create an account for free (Facebook account required)  or if you are feeling nice you can support the project here.

Peace and love





  1. Have been trying for ten minutes to tell you there is NO Warrandyte in SOUTH Australia. There is only one beautiful WARRANDYTE and it’s on the Yarra River,
    in VICTORIA.

    • Hi Yvonne!

      Thanks for this, can you remember where you saw this reference?

      I did a little search and only found the one Warrandyte you reference. If you see the South Australia reference then let me know and I’ll investigate further.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention 🙂

      * Update Ok, I think the issue has been caused by a comma ommision. There is a Warrendyte South but as you say, not a Warrendyte South Australia.

      Apols for any confusion.

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