London Travelling And Getting Around – Different Types of Transport

Travelling In and Around London London Tourist Guide > London Transport Travelling in and around London depends on many things, such as your budget and where you want to go. By far the easiest way to travel around London is by using the bus services and the underground (also known as the Tube) railway system.

Site changes due to Google Maps API pricing update.

Due to a recent change to terms and conditions with the Google Maps API we are forced to temporarily discontinue many of the features that Distantias users have came to enjoy. We are working hard to find useful affordable alternatives but we will likely have to charge for some features going forward. Our costs are […]

I travelled from this place to that place

I travelled from this place to that place… Most of us at one stage in our lives or other will travel.  If not physically then metaphorically. We are looking for guest writers who have a passion for travel or writing. You might be a blogger who’s looking to gain visibility for their own blog, or you […]

Where Are The Best Places To Stay in London?

Finding Good Hotels and Places to Stay in London London Tourist Guide > Hotels and Places to Stay London is full of various types of hotels and bed and breakfasts with accommodation to suit all budgets and taste. Staying in central London can work out pricey, so your best bet (if you can manage) is […]

10 Fantastic Adventure Holiday Ideas in 10 Countries and 6 Continents

Ten Fantastic Adventure Holiday Ideas Around The World I have taken a look  at the adventure holiday scene and have put together 10 fantastic adventure type holiday ideas  from 10 countries around the world. In this post, I’ve taken my favourite one from each of the 10 countries selected  across 6 continents of Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe […]

Looking at web traffic and learning from trends

So, today I’m thinking about  the data created by people who visit and how I can potentially use it to add value to the site functionality and perhaps spot trends for future use. What do I mean by user created data? Well, everytime a visitor lands on the site they create a footprint. The footprint will in most […]

Profile Improvements – Friending, Message Center, Journey Log and Stats

Hello everyone. We’ve  made a few improvements to the user profile pages which will help folks build out their friend networks with us and use the site more effectively. We would ask users to update their profiles and provide a little extra information. Year of birth, home town, fave holiday location, holiday type and a sentence or […]

Distance from London to Cambridge where exactly?

Sometimes I get a little confused. I take on too much and drop the ball or lose my focus. Yesterday I messed up big time and put something live that was broken. Sorry to the 1000 or so people I must have annoyed during the time it took me to fix it. Lesson learnt, being […]

Distantias Recent UI Improvements

So, we recently ran a few code updates and implemented a change or two to improve user interactivity and the overall experience on site. Users to our road distance calculator pages will now note that there is a new preload instance that users will see whilst the various calculations are made. Some people had said […]

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From Runcorn to bristol

Hi there, can anyone tell me the expected time it will take from Runcorn Cheshire to Bristol, and what traffic disruption should I expect?

A few holiday ideas and travel options for 2015

We’ve had a great month and have seen our user base increase steadily. We’ve created a number of useful tools for you which include fuel and cost calculators and for the fitness fanatics amongst you calorie calculators too. With summer almost here in the northern hemisphere, we thought we’d put together a few ideas and offers for […]

Treasure Hunt Fun Me Hearties, Aaaaargh!

Hey treasure seekers! Would you like to win a £25 Amazon gift card with – Ok, great! Go to our homepage and search for where you think we might have hidden the treasure chest. It’s full with 25 golden coloured English pound coins, which we’ll give to the winner by way of an amazon […]

Introducing Travel Notes

We all like to take notes and update things as we go. To this end, we thought it would be helpful if users of Distantias could make notes about a journey on the page as they’re reading up on the route.   Today we built a feature for logged in users that enables for just […]

Driving from London to Millau via the Channel Tunnel (Le Manche)

Ever driven down to France? It’s fun! I went last year with some friends, We were en route to Barcelona for the Sonar festival to see Kraftwerk but stopped off on a couple of places along the way. We left at 6am from a sleepy south London. I was picking up Rob and Kindl from […]

Hertfordshire to Dublin by Road or Air?

I’ve recently visited Ireland twice now. The first journey was by car and ferry. I left at around 630am aiming to get to Holyhead for around 11am. My ferry was leaving at around 1pm but it’s always good to leave a little extra time as it’s a pain if you hit a traffic jam or […]

Dameisha Beach Shenzhen from Shenzhen Airport – Watch out for taxis!

I visited Dameisha beach back in 2011. It’s a resort on the South China Sea a stones throw from Shenzhen airport and Hong Kong. It’s around 50 miles driving but hey what a crazy ride it was! We all know taxis can be a bit of a lottery depending on what city you find yourself […]